How to support us?

Any contribution to the work of Haatmahaat is welcome be it in kind e.g. voluntary work, goods etc. or be it financially. Read below for ways to support us and contact us directly for queries or if you have suggestions for activities or projects.

Haatmahaat Membership
You can join us as member of Haatmahaat. As a member, you can choose to play an active role by involving in the projects or support and build the organisation or you can choose to remain passive. The membership fee is DKK 100 per year. If you are interested, please write an email to

Direct support to individual projects
You can also directly support our individual projects without joining the membership. You can donate any amount without incurring any other overheads.
There are two options, you can directly transfer your donation to Nordea Bank account or you can make a Paypal transfer.
However Paypal charges 2.9% and UD$ 0.30 for each donation as transaction costs for the donations we receive via Paypal.

Nordea Bank account details:

Reg. No. 2650
Account No. 3497272369


If you are interested in volunteering in Nepal, please contact us at

We can always find a suitable activity and place according to your interest and background.